Alestar Digby

Alestar Digby has been an Award Winning Musician, Singer, Songwriter, and part of the Los Angeles music scene for the past 15 years. Alestar exemplifies powerful vocals, evocative lyrics and a larger-than-life stage-presence. Alternating between hard-driven beats and explosive guitar riffs, Alestar's music is an exhilarating classic rock experience. His most recent Award Winning Album, "REFLECTIONS", is a departure from the rock n' roll he is known for. This album is an instrumental with original classical piano pieces with no overdubs, recorded live.


Currently, "REFLECTIONS" won Instrumental Album of The Year, at the 2015 Los Angeles Music Awards. Previously awarded Best Modern Rock Band of 2007 by The Rock City News, Alestar was also recognized as Best Songwriter of 2006. His self-titled release, Alestar Digby won 2008 Rock Album of the Year at the Rockies and "Jackie" won Rock Single of the Year at the 2008 Los Angeles Music Awards.


The Alestar Digby Band consists of first rate musicians: Denis Phares on lead guitar and back-up vocals, Loa Allebach on bass guitar and back-up vocals and Greg Stevens on drums. Prior to Los Angeles, Alestar played in the soul/funk band CrackerJack in New Orleans, Louisiana for 3 years and relocated to Texas. Alestar was the object of a sizable fan base within the live music scene of Austin, Texas for 10 years, where his band Gentleman Jake and the Beat Elite achieved significant media recognition and radio play. There he successfully wrote and produced his first album, Black Spot, followed up by Et Tu Brute? His training on piano began at a very early age and he went on to receive a full piano composition scholarship at The Manhattan School of Music in NYC.