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Instrumental Album of the Year

25th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards


"Alestar Digby is a perfect model for a 21st Century Rock Music Icon...Straight ahead rock artist with amazing talent and star power...A first rate hit waiting to happen"

Los Angeles Music Awards 2008


"...A nimble lyricist whose clever phrases turn on a dime." 

Music Connection, September 2008

"The band is extremely tight and Alestar, himself, is a star. He is kind of like an Elvis, Elton John, Door and Beatles all rolled into one with his own kind of Robbie Williams 'chutzpa'"

The Malibu Chronicle, Fall 2007


"...Flat out rocks in that old school way, with power chords, accessible hooks, clear song structure, and rock attitude.", January 2007

Hot 100 Unsigned Artists Nationally

Music Connection, December 2008, 2009


Rock Album of the Year 2008


Rock Single of the Year 2008

Los Angeles Music Awards


Best Modern Rock Band 2007

The Rock City News